How to get out of depression yourself: advice of a psychotherapist

Everyone is familiar with depression in one way or another, as no one has yet been able to survive worldly losses unnoticed.

Episodes of anguish and depressed mood, when you do not want to do anything and literally “drop your hands”, have different duration for people. Some have enough days and a long night’s sleep to return to a reasonable assessment of what is happening, while others suffer for weeks and even months.

Those who have negative experiences dragged out, it is necessary to get out of depression independently. This is somewhat more difficult than relying on medicines, but it’s always trouble-free and forever.

Work on yourself

Work on yourselfOur consciousness, including depressive depression, is just a product of brain activity, and not some kind of reality that can not be changed. Thoughts and reasoning can be changed and trained in the same way as we develop muscles. First, you need to free your mind from such errors:

1. My mental organization is too thin and vulnerable, and I can not do anything about it – it’s not. Everyone can change himself, it just takes an effort. For example, you need to choose something that causes fear – for example, darkness – and approach it. You can just stay a few minutes in a dark room.

When the eyes get used, it turns out that there is no absolute darkness. Somewhere far away the moon shines, the passing car shines headlights, advertising flashes in the distance. Life goes on, despite the darkness. And most importantly – there is no special fear! We need to dig into ourselves and understand where this fear came from.

Any stimulus that knocks out of the rut can be disassembled into parts and understand that in fact most of all experiences are our fears that will never come true. Any character, even the weakest from birth, can be strengthened.

World literature and life, on the basis of which everything is written, is full of examples of how a man climbed above himself and overcame himself.

2. Circumstances make me unhappy – a real delusion. Circumstances that would be completely favorable, do not exist ever. Always something prevents – lack of money, ordinary parents, not that wife, an unintelligent boss. If you look closer to the life of outstanding people, those who truly conquered the heights of life, it turns out that their life circumstances turned out badly.

It is enough to get acquainted with the detailed biography of writers, world-famous composers, businessmen or politicians to see all the same things that exist in every life – difficult years, lack of money, deprivation, despair, loss of hope. But from us and you these people are distinguished by the fact that they repeatedly repeated attempts to do what they so wanted.

They fell and went up, filled with cones and again continued to go their own way. This gives us all hope – since it turned out in one person, it can work out for everyone else.

3. Depression – mental suffering, the body has nothing to do with it – is also wrong. Emotions have a very strong effect on palpitation, sleep, bowel function, skin and hair condition. If you do not get back peace of mind, you need to take care of your body – caring for it and strengthening it. By the mechanism of inverse biological communication, physical perfection will reduce mental experiences.

Getting rid of the bad habits

Getting rid of the bad habitsMandatory rule in the period of self-relieving from depression. If you smoke, you often do not have to drink and overeat, then consider that you are lucky – you have to work on yourself much less than everyone else.

The main harm of smoking is that it has a bad effect on the vessels, narrows them and serves as a stimulus for the onset of chronic inflammation on the inner wall. Resins and poisons that enter the body with tobacco smoke have a devastating effect on all organs.

The minute pleasure from a cigarette comes to an end with a chronic poisoning, with which consequences it is necessary to struggle for years. Today, the pharmaceutical industry produces a huge amount of funds that make it possible to part with smoking quite comfortably.

Alcohol is rightly considered a universal tranquilizer – but only in small doses. The daily glass of red wine seems to be not a pernicious addiction. But no one conducts a genetic examination before starting to consume alcohol.

If the genus has a hereditary predisposition, then even from such a meager dose, alcoholism may begin. Many are crossing a fragile face without even noticing it.
Overeating leads to obesity, which aggravates any mental disorder.

Strengthening the nerves

These are vitamins of group B, without which the normal functioning of the nervous tissue is impossible. Vitamins of this group are necessary for the development of neurotransmitters or substances through which the nerve fiber exchanges impulses and transmits commands to skeletal muscles and internal organs.

Strengthening the nervesUnder stress and emotional overload, the nervous system intensively consumes vitamins of this group, and if you replenish them in time, the improvement will come faster.

In pharmacies you can buy without a prescription such excellent preparations containing a complex of vitamins B and substances that help their assimilation.

In many pharmacies are selling dietary supplements (biologically active food supplements) containing vitamins of this group. Almost every major corporation has mastered the release of these funds.

It is necessary to understand that biologically active food supplements from drugs are fundamentally different in that before the start of their release no one conducted clinical trials, there is no statistical data on how this particular composition works. Buyers of dietary supplements use them at their own peril and risk.

The dietary supplement is not covered by one more action, which is mandatory for medicines – recall from the pharmacy network of the series, on which pathological reactions were recorded.

The implementation of dietary supplements through the pharmacy network is only evidence that there are all necessary permits and registration.


Researchers have proven that smells are directly related to memory. This is not surprising – the cortical part of the olfactory analyzer ends in the hippocampus, some fibers cross the opposite hemisphere. The olfactory brain has the closest neural connections to the formations of the brainstem – the oldest structure we have gotten from fish. Equally closely it is connected with the visual tubercle.

aromatherapy against depressionThe influence of smells on mood has been proven for centuries. If possible, it is best to visit the specialized centers of aromatherapy, where the specialist will select an individual “bouquet”.

You can do with the aroma lamp, which is enough for sale. Aromas should be chosen pleasant, causing calm and joy. If the smell is unpleasant, then there will be no sense from it. Better than others, these spirits improve their mood:

1. Bergamot is a plant of the citrus family, whose fruits are inedible. The plant is appreciated thanks to essential oil, which is extracted from the peel. The aroma of bergamot activates, reduces sadness and despondency, well helps with seasonal depression.

2. Geranium is a traditional plant of bedrooms. The essential oil is obtained by distillation, using all parts of the plant. The aroma reminds both a lemon and a rose. The smell of geranium relaxes and helps a deep sleep.

3. Rose is a royal smell. Specialists describe it as “sweet-sensual.” It improves mood, softens character, calms well after childbirth.

4. Grapefruit – an energetic scent, able to raise self-esteem, adds strength.

5. Lavender is the oldest remedy, one of the best natural soothing odors. Bitter spice is combined with any other smell, it gives a feeling of purity.

6. Jasmine is an aroma, opened to the world thanks to China. The aroma combines the smells of honey, amber, flowers and greens, and has a multifaceted impact on a person.

7. Verbena lemon – a classic female fragrance, sweet and fresh at the same time. Relaxes and comforts, soothes and slows down thoughts.

Each flavor should be tested in isolation and monitor how the body reacts to it. From favorite smells, you can eventually pick up a composition that will work without fail, bringing peace and joy after any, most stressful and unpleasant day.

OTC drugs

Pharmacies sell enough funds that bring peace and lift the mood.

OTC drugsImportant! Medications for depression, which the person appoints to himself, lead to the transformation of the disease state and the development of resistance to medications. Coping with the depression that was “treated” in this way is sometimes impossible in a few months.

It is completely safe to take only herbal remedies that do not exactly harm. Numerous sedatives for depression will not help, they are designed to overcome stress. With depression, you need drugs based on St. John’s wort, the activity of which has been proven.

All preparations of St. John’s wort cause photosensitization or contribute to the occurrence of sunburn. When you receive them, you must avoid the open sun. Some people have digestive disorders.

Before you start taking it, you should carefully read the instructions, especially the part that relates to incompatibility with other medicines. The control period for the intake of St. John’s wort is 2 weeks. During this time, the state should move, at least a minimal improvement. If nothing has changed, there is no point in pulling further, you need to see a doctor.

Decoctions and teas

St. John’s wort can be taken as a decoction or herbal tea. The broth is prepared from the calculation of 2 tablespoons per glass (200 ml) of water. Combine, allow to boil and keep on fire for at least 10 minutes. The broth turns out to be concentrated, it should be taken 2-3 times a day during the day.

St. Johns wortPhytotea is made easier: 1 teaspoon pour a glass of boiling water and allow to cool, as usual tea. Drink too, like tea, with honey, fruit or sugar.

To treat depression, attention deserves attention ginseng or a universal stimulant. A lot of books have been written about this plant, and they all have a real basis. The action of the plant is physiological, it simultaneously “pulls” both inhibitory and activating processes. In pharmacies you can buy tincture, a living plant is available only to residents of the Far East.

Overseas plant that helped many people – Ginkgo Biloba. Its action is akin to nootropics, the tree itself has been living on the planet for more than 300 million years. It improves the condition of the cerebral vessels, preserves memory and helps to concentrate attention.

The pharmaceutical industry produces the drug “Tanakan” on its basis, well-established.
American researchers deny the effectiveness of Ginkgo, and the drugs from it have not been approved by the FDA (the organ of sanitary inspection for the quality of food and medicine).


Spiritual and psychological practices have become extremely popular lately. In this there is a lot of positive – a person is distracted from everyday worries, is engaged in something unusual.

best meditationThe best meditation is prayer. It has been experimentally proved for a long time that in the process of prayer special areas of the cerebral cortex are activated, which remain idle during the rest of the time.

Those who are not suitable for prayer for one reason or another, one can recommend simpler types of natural meditations-flower viewing, sensation of touching the wind, listening to the sounds of nature. The main thing is to plunge into this occupation completely, as they say, “with your head”. Nothing should be distracting from watching, listening or feeling.

During such exercises, there is a switching of the nerve centers, and foci of congestive arousal, supporting depression, gradually lose activity.A wonderful meditative practice is contemplation of the sea. If there is not a sea nearby, a river, a pond, a stream or any other running water is suitable – even in a desktop fountain with a motor.

Good deeds or volunteering

Under the unwritten law, helping those who are worse brings great relief. The main thing that helps those who need it is a sense of need and relevance. This is an invaluable emotional reward.

No wonder happy trades are those that bring joy or relief to people – hairdressers and cosmetologists, doctors and nurses.In every town or village there are always those who need to be taken care of. Gratitude that shines in the eyes of those who have been helped is not comparable to material benefits and brings real moral satisfaction.

Getting Rid of Grievances

Many people have a “nail” in their souls, to which we return again and again. This can be a situation of divorce, the termination of a relationship, resentment of children, parents or bosses.

Getting Rid of GrievancesA mental return to these grievances is akin to constant picking in the wound. Only the cut was covered with a crust and ready to grow – and we are here again, we tear off the scab and weep over the flowing blood.

This behavior is meaningless and unproductive. The past can not be changed, we must live on. After heavy grievances or disappointments, you need to do everything to make the emotions “come out.”

Women are helped by a warm bath with a fragrance, in which you can cry and cry. Naturally, such an action should not be witnesses. Men are helped by heavy physical stress or fighting with a sparring partner. You need some extreme load, in which you can put all the power of resentment or anguish.

Remove the anchors

In the language of psychologists, the “anchor” is an object that is materially reminiscent of an event. In everyday life, we are surrounded by a mass of objects that can cause heavy associations. These are items related to parting, a deceased relative, a career failure, the collapse of friendship or hope.

Such items must either be thrown away or hidden away from the eyes in the far corner. The main thing is that he was not in sight. Simultaneously, you can make a rearrangement, update the curtains, or somehow mark the beginning of a new life stage.

Doctor’s help

Doctors helpA person who is depressed can not correctly assess their condition. The help of a specialist is necessary in order to truly cease to suffer and experience the finally forgotten joy of life.

Doing self-medication with depression is dangerous, you can skip its transition to a more severe form, when hospital stay can not be avoided. The doctor will prescribe psychotropic drugs, which will help quickly get out of the negative period of life.

Depression that has not been treated has the property of being prolonged and heavier, so it is pointless to avoid contact with a doctor. The doctor is the only person who fully understands spiritual torment and knows effective ways to get rid of painful problems.

Author of the article: Psychiatrist, psychotherapist Neboga Larisa Vladimirovna