How to deal with depression yourself: a step-by-step plan of 7 actions

There is an opinion that depression is one of the diseases that can not be cured, that there are no ways how to get out of depression alone. But, fortunately, this opinion is just a delusion, the conclusions of insufficiently educated people. At present, with proper treatment and even independently, one can get out of the state of depression.

These and many other questions worry relatives and loved ones, and those who suffer from depression. Let’s understand what can be done to do this.

1 step: How to get rid of depression? Communication and activities that bring pleasure

communicationStudies conducted by specialists in the field of social psychology show that if people are more pessimistic around us, then the likelihood that we will become pessimists is quite large.

When you feel sad and dull, you want to communicate with the same sad people. But it is necessary to overcome this feeling and try to surround yourself with optimistic people who quickly restore mental strength, in order for the desire to recover and to return to normal life itself. To achieve this, you need to meet at least once a week and communicate with people who make your life better and happier. At first it will be difficult, but it is necessary. It is worth remembering that emotions have the function of “infection”, and it is useful to experience positive emotions.

Depression has the ability to limit the enjoyment of hobbies and activities, which previously enjoyed. In order to overcome this, it is necessary to continue to do what has brought joy. At first the hobby can not bring satisfaction, but it is necessary to try to simulate joy and pleasure, and soon the joy from the beloved will be true.

2 step: How to deal with depression? Autogenic training

autogenic trainingThis technique will help in the fight against stress, which often accompanies depression. Autogenous training is a relaxation technique, which includes a set of exercises, by which sensations of warmth along the body and heaviness in the hands, legs and torso, and visualization that helps in relaxation of consciousness are achieved.

The method of carrying out is as follows. It is necessary to make sure that your clothes do not constrain your movements and do not put pressure – loosen the belt and collar, then you need to take a comfortable position that will not cause muscle tension, and cover your eyes.

Having adopted a convenient position, you need to perform the following exercises in the order in which they are stated:

1. Awakening sensations of heaviness. It is necessary to repeat several times in my mind: “My right hand is very heavy.” Having achieved this, we awaken the same sensation in the other hand, then in both hands, in both legs, further in the hands and at the feet.

2. Awakening sensation of heat. It is necessary to repeat several times in my mind: “My right hand is very warm.” Further – by analogy, as in paragraph 1.

3. Regulation of the rhythm of cardiac activity.

4. Regulation of the rhythm of breathing. It is necessary to repeat several times in my mind: “I breathe absolutely calmly.”

5. Awakening sensation of heat in the abdominal cavity. It is necessary mentally to repeat several times: “My solar weave radiates heat.”

6. Awakening sensation of coolness above the eyebrows (forehead). It is necessary to repeat several times in my mind “My forehead is cool”.

Further it is necessary to work out these exercises lasting about 20 minutes every day for 2.5-3 months. To achieve a better effect, it is recommended to keep a diary in which it is necessary to describe the sensations that are experienced during the lesson.

Step 3: How to get out of depression yourself? Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Muscle RelaxationAlso, the methods of fighting stress include progressive muscle relaxation. During the execution of this technique, first with the help of concentration, the ability to recognize the tension in each muscle and the feeling of its relaxation is formed. Next, you need to work out the ability to master the free relaxation of the muscles, which are strained.

The procedure is as follows. It is necessary to occupy a comfortable sitting position, lean your head against the wall, put your hands on the armrests. First, inspiration is caused by stress, a feeling of warmth is induced for 6-8 seconds, then the muscles relax for a short and rapid exhalation within 35-45 seconds.

The order of tension and relaxation of muscles:

– Hands;

– Arm muscles;

– Shoulder area, reach the ear lobes;

– the area of the chest and back, the blades are reduced;

– Both feet, we reach the middle of the shin with our fingers;

– the lower leg and thigh, lift the heels, the fingers do not move;

– upper third of face, wrinkling forehead;

– the middle third of the face, wrinkling nose;

– the lower third of the face, “smile to the ears”;

– the lower third of the face, like kissing, we stretch out our lips in the form of a proboscis.

These exercises are studied for 40-60 minutes three times a week for 5-11 months.

Step 4: Do not focus on the negative

positiveWith depression, there is a change in the outlook on life, and, specifically, attention is focused on negative events: it seems that only trouble is around, and there is a feeling that they arise because of your fault.

Even when pleasant things happen in life, a person suffering from depression perceives them as exceptional (“It’s good, but the rest is nightmarish”), inconstant (“It’s definitely not going to last, tomorrow it will be bad”). That is, the phenomenon of “depressive bias” is observed. In all things pleasant and good, a person seeks negative, and negative things are perceived as even more negative.

In order to overcome depression, you need to get rid of the habit of overshadowing all events, you need to think positively, to look in everything positive and pleasant. To do this, you can keep a diary, where three times a week to write down a list of events, situations, things for which you are grateful, even if it is a minor pleasantness. Example: “I am grateful to the birds behind the window for their beautiful singing, they made my morning ringing and joyful.”

5 step: Hydrotherapy

hydrotherapyIn addition to the above, the methods by which you can independently exit from depression include hydrotherapy or water treatment. This is a fairly simple and accessible method. There are several types of hydrotherapy procedures, these include:

1. Hydrotherapy with the help of a shower. The shower can be in the form of rain, dust. Also distinguish circular, needle shower, etc.

2. Hydrotherapy with a bath or whirlpool bath. There is a common bath and a local bath.

3. Swimming, therapeutic exercises in the water.

4. Hydrotherapy with thermal (underground) waters.

5. Hydrotherapy with mineral water.

6. Hydrotherapy with douches, i.e. Quenching procedure.

7. Hydrotherapy with the help of saunas and paired.

These procedures should be carried out regularly to achieve a good effect both in the treatment of depression, and to improve the functioning of the body as a whole.

6 step: High-grade dream

high grade dreamThis is an important component of both treatment and prevention of depression. A full night sleep is needed in order that the body can rest and recover, for this it is necessary to sleep 8-8.5 hours a day. Sleeping more than 9 hours is less effective, as after a long sleep, fatigue and drowsiness will be felt. The best time to go to sleep is until midnight, namely 10 pm.

The optimal time to wake up is 6-7 am. If there are difficulties with falling asleep, it will be helpful to take a warm bath before going to bed, massage, airing the room. Warm milk with honey also helps to quickly fall asleep.

7 step: Aromatherapy

aromatherapyAlso an excellent method in addition to the main treatment of depression is aromatherapy – a treatment for which natural essential oils are used. This therapy can be carried out by inhalation (inhaling essential oil vapors) or in the form of massage using oils. You can also take a bath with oils or make various compresses.

The action of essential oils is very diverse: they act as antibiotics (slow down inflammatory processes), promote regenerative processes in the body, slow the development of atherosclerosis, etc. For the treatment of depression, chamomile, melissa and valerian essential oils are most effective, since they have a relaxing and calming effect.

Additional rules for self-treatment of depression

Proper nutrition

Proper nutritionIn addition to the above, an important condition for the treatment of depression is proper nutrition. This does not mean adherence to a diet for depression, but it means that there are products that promote fast treatment. These include:

1. Protein-rich foods. This is chicken meat, turkey, fish, legumes (beans, beans), eggs, cottage cheese, milk. These products are rich in tyrosine, which increases the level of dopamine, which helps to reduce anxiety, which is important in the treatment of depression.

2. Food saturated with carbohydrates. Optional flour products (donuts, cookies, etc.), fruit and cereals are best, since they not only help fight depression, but will cleanse the body of non-food fibers.

3. Foods rich in vitamin B, viz. B2 and B6. These include various whole nuts, seeds, fruits and legumes.

Also, there are foods that should be abandoned in case of depression. It’s alcohol and excessive caffeine consumption, they dramatically increase the level of glucose, which in turn can lead to sudden mood swings.

The most important step – antidepressants treatment

depression drug treatmentAnd finally, the most important step in the treatment of depression, which has no number, since it is the most important – psychotherapy and antidepressants treatment.

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In order for the treatment of depression to be effective enough, a psychologist or a therapist individually, depending on the needs of the patient, selects various methods of psychotherapy – they include behavioral psychotherapy, cognitive psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, etc.

In the treatment of depression, the most effective psychotherapeutic methods include behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy, as they are able to reduce the risk of relapse for a sufficiently long period of time and can be used both in outpatient and inpatient settings.

These psychotherapeutic methods are aimed at finding solutions and mobilizing the resources of a person suffering from depression, rather than looking for causes and conflicts. The thoughts, feelings, actions of a person have a close connection and have a certain effect on the activity of organs and the body.

So, negative thoughts further increase the depression of mood. Any deviation in social contacts, the cause of which is poor health, aggravates painful thoughts. This, in turn, causes stress, which further exacerbates the situation. Treatment with psychotherapy can break this vicious circle.

Please note: all of the above steps must necessarily be combined with the treatment of depression in the doctor!

Self-treatment of such a difficult disease as depression can be dangerous. Be sure to seek help from a doctor-psychotherapist!

Also, depression can be treated medically, i.e. A psychotherapist or a psychiatrist may prescribe antidepressants if necessary, the choice of which will depend on the patient’s symptoms. We hope that we gave an exhaustive answer to the question “How to get out of the depression yourself“.