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How to treat depression?

How to treat depressionTreatment of depression is medication, therapeutic conversation (where a person talks to an experienced professional about his thoughts and feelings, sometimes it is called “psychotherapy”), or a combination of the two methods.

In this essay, only the drug therapy used to treat depression, the so-called antidepressants, will be considered. Your doctor may prescribe psychotherapy in addition to medication. Always ask your doctor about the benefits and risks of adding psychotherapy to the treatment regimen.

What do the letters SR, CR, XR and XL mean after the brand name of antidepressant?

The designations on the packages of antidepressants mean the duration of action in the human body. This means that the drug remains in the body for a longer period of time, and you can take the medicine less often.

Wellbutrin SR has a delayed release of the drug. You can buy and take this medicine twice a day.
Paxil CR has a controlled release of the drug. You apply this medicine once a day.
The XR Effexor, Wellbutrin XL, and Proxy Weekly are long-acting preparations. You can buy and take Wellbutrin XL and Effexor XR once a day. As for Prozac Weekly, it can be taken once a week.

How do antidepressants work?

Antidepressants help improve your brain’s ability to use certain chemicals that control mood or stress.

What do studies say about how these drugs help people with depression?

All antidepressants are aimed at reducing the symptoms of depression and improving the quality of life of people suffering from depression.
All antidepressants prevent the recurrence of symptoms of depression.

What is the effectiveness of antidepressants?

Although all antidepressants work roughly the same way, it is important to remember that some people will not feel better with the first dose of the drug. They may need to buy and try a few drugs before finding one that will be effective for them. Others may note that the symptoms have returned, although the drug also helped in the first time. It is important to carefully follow your doctor’s instructions for choosing the medicine that will work.

Only three out of five report an improvement after the first intake of an antidepressant.

What did the study on specific antidepressants reveal?

Studies have shown certain advantages of several medicines:

People who buy and took Mirtazapine (Remeron) felt better, earlier than if they were buying and taking other antidepressants. Remeron begins to work effectively in one to two weeks. All other antidepressants not earlier than 4 weeks.

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Prozac Weekly and Paxil CR worked as efficiently as conventional Prozac and Paxil.

Effexor XR is an effective remedy to fight depression

Less people started buying and taking Venlafaxine (Buy Effexor, XR Effexor Online), because it is less effective than other antidepressants. Also, the side effects of venlafaxine, such as nausea and vomiting, are the cause of the rejection of venlafaxine.

Can an antidepressant fight other problems that accompany depression?


People with depression report a decrease in anxiety when buying and taking any of the antidepressants.


It was noted that Paroxetine (Paxil) and Duloxetine (Cymbalta) helped people with depression and chronic pain.


Fluoxetine (Prozac), Mirtazapine (Remeron), Paroxetine (Paxil) and Sertraline (Zoloft) have been effective in insomnia, but unfortunately there is not enough research to claim this for sure.

What are the side effects of antidepressants?

The proportion of people who have some side effect of buying and taking an antidepressant is approximately the same for all antidepressants. However, the side effects of each medication may be different, and some medications can cause side effects more often than others.

The most common side effects for antidepressants covered in this analysis are:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weight gain
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Sexual Disorders

Other, more serious, but much less common side effects of the antidepressant discussed in this article may include: convulsions, heart problems, salt imbalance in the blood, toxic effect, suicidal thoughts or serotonin syndrome (life-threatening condition when your body produces Too much serotonin). Serotonin syndrome can lead to tremors, diarrhea, fever, convulsions.

If you have thoughts of suicide or other serious side effects, such as cramps or heart problems when buying and taking an antidepressant, immediately consult your doctor.

Although all antidepressants lead to the development of various side effects, some of them are calling out certain complications, more often than others.

What happens if I stop buying and taking antidepressants?

Some patients experience withdrawal symptoms after stopping the use of an antidepressant. They are called “abstinent”
Symptoms of withdrawal: headache, dizziness, nonsense, nausea and anxiety. You should never stop buying and taking antidepressants without consulting your doctor.

Most often, these symptoms occurred after the withdrawal of Paroxetine (Paxil, CR) and venlafaxine (Effexor, XR Effexor).
The least likely to develop withdrawal symptoms after discontinuation was Fluoxetine (Prozac, Prozac Weekly).