Wellbutrin SR (Bupropion)

Wellbutrin SR (Bupropion) Pharmachologic effect

Bupropion is a selective inhibitor of the reuptake of catecholamines (noradrenaline and dopamine) with little effect on seizure indolamine (serotonin) does not inhibit monoamine oxidase. Although the mechanism of action of bupropion, as with other antidepressants, is currently not known, it is expected that its antidepressant effect is carried out by influencing the noradrenergic system.

The efficacy and tolerability of bupropion sustained-release tablets was investigated in 7 double-blind studies; 7 of these studies were conducted in Europe, 3 in the dose range of interest (up to 300 mg / day).

The following four studies were conducted in the United States with a flexible range of doses up to 450 mg / day. Proof of long-term support provided by the effect of the 1-year study of the prevention of exacerbations with bupropion; 816 patients received bupropion sided blind phase of the study receiving, from which 423 were randomized to double-blind phase of the subsequent (bupropion - 210 placebo - 213).

Bupropion was effective in patients with depression severity from mild to moderate, as well as for patients with severe depression. The combined comparative European studies similar degree of superiority of the drug over placebo were observed in patients with depression mild and moderate (-1.8, p = 0.032) and in patients with severe depression (-2.3, p = 0.041).

Wellbutrin SR (Bupropion) - bupropion hydrochloride is a selective inhibitor of the reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine, has practically no effect on the uptake of serotonin and MAO activity. Wellbutrin SR tablets provide sustained release of the active ingredient that prevents the establishment of peak drug concentrations in plasma and biological environments of the body.

Wellbutrin SR (Bupropion) treatment eliminates the deficit in paralimbic activity zones: the anterior singular gyrus, the middle area of the prefrontal cortex and the right front of the island during the transition from wakefulness to REM sleep. The drug has a psychoactive effect.

However, as a result of long-term observations provide evidence that Wellbutrin has an extremely low induction transition depression to mania, which makes it the choice of antidepressant for the treatment of patients with bipolar disorder.

Unique effect of Wellbutrin SR (Bupropion) on catecholamine neurotransmitter system leads to a particularly pronounced positive effect on anhedonia, which can be particularly valuable in the treatment of patients with anergy, anhedonia, and severe autonomic fluctuations. Tolerability and side effects.

Wellbutrin has no adverse effect on the cardio - vascular system, does not affect myocardial contractility, the conducting system of the heart rhythm, and has little effect on blood pressure.

Wellbutrin - one of the few antidepressants that do not lead to an increase in body weight and significantly less likely to cause sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

Dosage and application

The initial dose of 150 mg / day. Tablets take Wellbutrin whole, do not crush or chew.

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